Explanation of Hearts United Logo

Hearts-united-big1. Center of the Logo is the Holy Eucharist: the source and the summit of the Christian life.

2. IHS are the ancient Greek letters for our Lord Jesus Christ

3. The rosary encircles the Eucharist and flows from and returns to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist

4. The cross signifies the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ which is re-presented and made present at every Holy Mass

5. The cross also represents the beginning and the ending prayer of the rosary.  The rosary is all about Jesus Christ

6. Each Hail Mary bead on the rosary is represented by the image of a heart.  Each Hail Mary prayed becomes an act of love from ones heart to the beloved Who is Jesus Christ.

7. In the Rosary, we become united to the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of Mary; and we in turn become united with one another in the family of God.

8. The rosary centered in the Holy Eucharist becomes the key to the Heart of the Prince of Peace to unleash an ocean of mercy and love for the great cause of peace and the great cause of the family.