First Sorrowful Mystery – The Agony in the Garden

In the garden of Gethesamane, all of our sins and temptations were there and brought such anguish to Him, causing Him to sweat blood. Jesus asked then and asks us now, “Will you keep company with Me and pray with Me?” What is our answer? Yes, Jesus, we will spend the short time of our life on this earth, with You in a spirit of prayer. And we will end our prayer with the same yes that You gave the Heavenly Father.


Second Sorrowful Mystery – The Scourging

Yes, we were there at His scourging. All of the times that we may have failed and were not modest, or pure in thought, word or action, or failed to turn our eyes away from temptation.


Third Sorrowful Mystery – The Crowning of Thorns

Yes, we were there at His crowning with thorns. Jesus is truly our king, but we give Him the thorns of our pride. But will we now give Him the crown of our love and humility?


Fourth Sorrowful Mystery – The Carrying of the Cross

Yes, we were there on the road to Calvary. Look — Jesus falls three times, but He gets up to go on. This shows us that we must get up after we fall through sin and have sorrow for our sins through frequent confession. Yes, we were there when Veronica broke through the crowd. So, we must also care for others and for the truth, regardless of the cost. Yes, we were there when Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the cross. But we will willingly carry and offer with love our splinters of the cross, which we all have in our lives. Yes, we were there when Jesus meets his mother Mary. So, Mary is also there for each of us as we journey through life with its trials and hardships. But Our Sorrowful Mother, will be our strength and consolation.


Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – The Crucifixion

Yes, we were there at Calvary, as every holy Mass brings this reality into our presence. When the priest repeats those words of Jesus: “This is My Body… And this is My Blood,” the bread and wine turns entirely into Jesus himself. But something else happens which is stupendous and awesome. Calvary and the Last Supper are happening right on our altars!! Yes, Jesus died only once on Calvary. But good friends, from an act of His love and mercy, Jesus makes His passion and death present at holy Mass! We are there!

Friends, Mary was there at the foot of the cross. Ask Mary to help you listen closely, and you will hear in the depth of your heart and souls the words that Jesus spoke from the cross. “I thirst.” Jesus thirsts for our complete love. So, we will quench His thirst for us. Jesus, we are Yours. “Behold your mother.” Jesus speaks to you at every holy Mass. What is our response? Mary is His mother. He wills to have her be ours also. Take Mary to your home, as St. John did. Take Mary into your hearts.

“It is finished.” Jesus has done it all! There is nothing lacking, as He has gone the whole road, for you and me. But our part is not finished. We each must do our part, and we will, with the help of Mary, the Holy Spirit, the sacraments, and the church, which He has given to help us to attain and share the joy of the risen Savior Jesus, in heaven for all eternity.

We repeat once again. Were you there? And our answer becomes not only were we there, but we are there right now.