First Mystery of Light – The Baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan

In this mystery, we see the Holy Trinity.  We hear the Heavenly Father’s voice that this is my beloved Son.  Then there is the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovering over Jesus and investing Him in His Mission.. This scene should help to remind us of our baptism whenever it took place. We were baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our Baptismal sponsors spoke for us and declared our baptismal promises. The Church reminds us of this awesome event in our lives every year at Easter when we are asked to renew those promises.  But this is something which should not be relegated to one day of the year.  We became a new creation and part of God’s family at our baptism.  Therefore, let each of us with profound thankfulness, reflect often during the year and throughout our lives, that our lives are now different.  Our Baptism is not only some event of the past.  May we renew those promises often and apply them to our daily living. 

Second Mystery of Light – The Wedding Feast at Cana

They have run out of wine.  Mary notices this first and tells Jesus.  It is Mary who intercedes, and simply tells the servants of the wedding to do whatever her Son Jesus tells them. This in its simplicity describes Mary’s role in our lives.  Her only concern and never ending desire is have us do whatever her Son Jesus asks of us. No wonder, Jesus from the cross would give Mary to each of us as our very own mother.  Behold your mother!  She is ours!  What a gift from God Himself as He speaks His last will and testament from the cross.  John the Evangelist took Mary into his home on that Good Friday.  Will each of us do the same?

Third Mystery of Light – The Proclamation of the Kingdom and the call to conversion

Let us reflect on the scene in the Scriptures when a paralyzed man carried by others on a mat, could not reach Jesus where He was preaching in a house.  Look carefully at this scene of mercy and love.  The men cut a hole in the roof and then lower the ailing man down.  Jesus seeing such faith forgives the man’s sins, even before he cures him physically. Jesus, Who is Mercy Himself gives mercy.  He wants to extend His Mercy to all who will approach Him with true contrition and sorrow for sins.  Down through the ages, we see Jesus giving His mercy in so many ways.  But there is a most beautiful way in which the scene of the Gospel is renewed and relived over and over again. Every time one goes to talk with Jesus in the Sacrament of Confession, Jesus is there to give us His Mercy.  In this Sacrament, we hear Jesus say those earth shattering words spoken through His chosen priests: I absolve you from your sins.  An awesome moment of joy!  Let us go to Jesus often in Confession and encounter Mercy and Love.

Fourth Mystery of Light – The Transfiguration of Jesus

Jesus with tender love prepares Peter, James and John for His bitter Passion and Death. He takes these three beloved followers to Mount Tabor and is transfigured before their eyes. They see the glory of God’s Son Jesus.  They hear the voice of the heavenly Father tell them to listen to Jesus, Who is His beloved Son. Each of us also has our sorrowful mysteries during our lives.  It is inescapable.  So, Jesus wants also to strengthen us along our journey of life.  He gives us many sources of strength and help.  He loves us so much that He chose to remain with us in the Holy Eucharist.  In contrast with the transfiguration, now His glory is hidden under the simple appearances of bread and wine.  He does this so we are better able to approach Him and remain with Him. Jesus waits us day and night in His home which is the tabernacles of our Churches.  Go to Him often and then trust in Him; Be not afraid.


Fifth Mystery of Light – The Institution of the Holy Eucharist

This is My Body…This is My Blood.  These words of Jesus first spoken by Him at the Last Supper, are repeated at every Holy Mass.  We are brought to experience the greatest act of love.  Jesus is still here with us.  And we are amazed.There is so much that happens at every Holy Mass at the Consecration.  The bread and wine are changed entirely into Jesus.  No longer is there just bread or wine. Everything that happened 2000 years at Calvary is re-presented on our altar in our very Churches, before our very eyes.  We are there at Calvary.  God makes present in our time what occurred on a single Good Friday afternoon.  And this happens at every single Holy Mass we are present at.  As he song asks: were you there when they nailed Him to the tree?  Yes! We were and are there. Jesus dying on the cross for us at Holy Mass.  And the words which Jesus spoke from the Cross on Calvary; can you hear them at every Mass you participate at?  Listen carefully in your heart and soul during the consecration of the Mass, and you will hear Jesus speaking to you.  I thirst for your love. And here, is Mary.  She is your mother;  I give her to you.